Through our team of experts, we provide our top trends and takeaways from CES 2021, taken across several categories at the biggest tech event of the year.

Given the events of the past year, CES 2021 was forced to adapt heavily. As a result, it became a show unlike any other in the trade show’s history.

Our review of the event looks at several categories, including consumer electronics, apparel, retail, financial services, automotive, travel, gaming, CPG and telecom & media. The most notable aspect was the widening availability of data to the extent some commonalities apply to new products across all industries.

54% agreed „it’s important my household is equipped with the latest technology“

As we know, technology took on an increasingly important role for most people during the pandemic and, arguably, accelerated opportunities for companies to introduce new technology-driven products and concepts. Many of those organisations doing so will be better positioned to capitalise on changes that will solidify and potentially accelerate when the pandemic eventually comes to an end.

While this reality may be viewed as a positive trend for many marketers, our survey work illustrates concerns around whether data is being taken away from a consumer’s control.

82% believe only they or a family member should have access to health data

We continue to see the importance of tying brand-building efforts to data and technology. The trust developed over time with strong brands can help persuade consumers to try new products and part with information they would otherwise view as too sensitive to share.

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